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Beating Borders: The Bane of Responsive Layout | Design Shack



Responsive design often requires setting your widths using percentages. This is easy enough to accomplish, that is until you start throwing borders into the mix. If your columns and total width are set using percentages, a static border size wreaks havoc on your layout. Today we’re going to look at a couple of different ways …


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CSS Grid Layout

Giving Content Priority with CSS3 Grid Layout ◆ 24 ways



Rachel Andrew unwraps the CSS3 grid layout module and sets out how its new properties can break the ties between source order and layout, and rescue us from the quaking ground of floats. Support is limited to IE10 right now, but Christmas and New Year are times for looking forward to the future.

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CSS Grid Layout / Future

What next for CSS Grid Layout? ◆ 24 ways



Rachel Andrew opens the door on next generation CSS to bring us tidings of Grid joy. But rest not on your laurels, we must look to what comes next for the specification. Gold may be just around the corner, but whence will the frankincense and myrrh appear?

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