Willow’s Power Is Greatest At Night: Letter S in The Druid Alphabet

The following tree in the forests letter set is my top pick – The Willow. Letter S (Celtic Saille) and there is no Australian partner since Willows are ubiquitous.Its Latin name is Salix and there are around 5 or 6 assortments of it. My top picks are the Weeping Willow (salix babalonica ) and the Pussy Willow, Salix caprea. My mom used to call me Pussy Willow when I was a young lady.

The importance of this absolutely ladylike plant Hecate is that multitude of watery activities with feelings, feeling, responsiveness, vision, instinct and divination. The oblivious, Lunar tides and the ebbs and stream of enchantment.

The bark and the leaves contain salicylic corrosive. It tends to be utilized for when… “Goodness dear! you have a migraine”. Its a decent all round pain reliever and extraordinary for period torments as it contains the wellspring of ibuprofen.

It becomes on the banks of waterways, close to streams and wetlands, and helps hold the banks together. They used to cover the tops of their homes with it so it not just held things together when the erosive powers of the steady progression of water does its thing.

Indeed, even its uses in long periods of old were silly. They made harps out of it and weaved containers, Wicca, (fascinating name for a weaving material.) and different sorts of artwork.True to its name the sobbing willow has relationship as a funerary spice and wearing it assists with the lamenting system.

It is sacrosanct to the moon goddesses Hecate, Hera, and Persephanie. – all demise parts of the triple goddess. Orpheus is said to have gotten gifts of persuasiveness and correspondence when he helped willow branches through the hidden world.

Make an incense of the bark and leaves and consume in when you’re pondering profoundly covered up or covered feelings. It empowers you to go into the obscure with certainty and hones your faculties. It helps connect and fit parts of your mind which is very shamanic. Use it for the endowment of crafty – skilful and inconspicuous employments of mental powers to meet points. (very much like a lady!) Willows power is most noteworthy around evening time – except if the moon is up during the day time.

Put a little under your cushion and request a fantasy to explain some profound and secretive square or obscure thing to be uncovered. She’s strong medication in this way, as is commonly said in the works of art “be cautious what you request coz you could actually get it.”